UK’s saddest playground just a few feet wide with one tiny slide and wooden bench

A kids’ play area in London that only has a slide and a bench has been described as “the saddest playground in the UK”.

The tiny enclosure in Waterfall Terrace, Tooting, has been slammed by residents who called it “pathetic” and compared it to a “sad art installation”.

The playground, which is just a few feet wide and surrounded by a black metal fence, features a small metal slide only three steps high and a wooden bench.

Rex Osborn, a potential Labour councillor for Tooting Broadway, shared a photo on Twitter, adding: “For 44 years Conservative Wandsworth Council neglected Tooting Broadway.

“This sad, dismal council playground is symbolic of that neglect. If elected to the council, 0n 14 July, I’ll get this playground upgraded.”

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, Labour MP for Tooting, even joined in slamming the playground, saying: “The remnants of 44 years of Tory rule in Wandsworth. The saddest looking playground, ever. With a new Labour council now in place, we’re going to change it.”

But another Twitter user, whose profile proclaims support for Huddersfield Town AFC nearly 200 miles away said: “Get a grip that’s not neglect just undersized. Try up north to see what neglect is. Jesus it’s even painted.”

One of the residents, who lives in the cul-de-sac and asked not to give her name, said there was nothing wrong with the mini playground.

She added: “It’s actually not that bad. For someone who is looking at it from an outside perspective then maybe, but I think it’s meant to be for the people on this cul-de-sac and there are only seven houses.

“It was the first place my children started playing. On a summer’s day they would be out every day.

“They manage their own games and things like that. I did try to put some outdoor toys there but the council came and took them away.”

In April another play area in the capital, this time in Rotherhithe, was dubbed the country’s “most depressing playground”.

Parents slammed the enclosure, which sees children playing just metres from a graveyard.

It features a metal slide made slightly less drab with a blue and red paintjob.

Mum Vanessa Hammick, 39, told MyLondon : “It’s the sort of playground you would use in an emergency.

“We always think it’s funny. My husband says you are born and then you die. I quite like it. I feel an affection for it.”

On social media, one poster, Paul Jones, joked: “If you break your neck going down the slide then they don’t have to move you far.”

While Susan Foster wrote: “That is bad a** Feng Shui. Run for your lives!”